Viewing and Editing Form Submissions

How to find and make revisions to your form submissions

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Once data are submitted in a Coaching Log, Walkthrough, or Evaluation, you can view individual and aggregated submissions in the "Data" tab, which you'll find to the right of the "Roster" tab. Click the Data tab to view the data from the specific walkthrough, coach log, or evaluation. Then, navigate to the "Submissions" tab to see a table view of submissions.

Which data are included in this view?

For Coaching Logs or Walkthroughs, you will see only the submissions that you have entered yourself. For Evaluations, you will see the data of anyone on your roster or on the roster of an evaluator you supervise. To restrict which submissions show up as rows in the table, you can use the filters above the table.

To customize which questions from the form appear as columns in the table, click "Edit Columns" and select the questions you'd like to display in the table. This view is unique to you, so don't worry about impacting what others see when you edit columns!

How do I pull up an individual submission?

From the Submissions data view, you can search by name or sort by any column to find a specific submission. Click on the row of the table to pull up that submission.

How do I edit a response?

To edit a response - if you have the ability to do so - make changes to the form selections directly from the submission modal that opens when you click on a row of the table in the "Submissions" data view or on a name in the "Summary" data view. Note that if a submission has been signed or completed by someone else (e.g. in an Evaluation), you won't be able to make edits.

Once you're done making changes, make sure to click the "save" button at the bottom of the form. You can also Cancel changes if you wish to discard your current changes.

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