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How to use your Data View filters to get more insight from your data

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Once data is submitted in a Coaching Log, Walkthrough, or Evaluation in KickUp, you can view individual and aggregated submissions in the "Data" tab, which you'll find to the right of the "Roster" tab.

This article focuses on how you can use filters within the Data tab to filter down your data for analysis or reporting purposes; the linked articles contain information about generally using the Submissions view or Summary view of your data.

Using the Filter Buttons

You'll notice several filter buttons shown under the Roster & Data tab headers:

  • Date Filter - Use this filter to restrict your view to data submitted within a certain range of dates. Click the calendars to select a start date and end date.

  • Submitted About - Use this filter to restrict your view to data submitted about certain individuals. Use the search bar to search for individuals by name or email.

  • Submitted By - Use this filter to restrict your view to data submitted by certain individuals. The type-ahead search works the same as the Submitted About filter.

  • All Filters - Click this to open the sidebar to see all available filters. For detailed information, see the section below.

Using the Filters Sidebar

Clicking "All Filters" opens the filters sidebar (shown below) where you can see all available filters. To interact with any specific filter, click on the name of the filter in the list. You may also use the search bar to search for a filter by its name.

Filters are grouped in the following ways.

  • Submission - Includes the Date filter.

  • Submitted About - Includes facts about the person whom the submission is about. Here you might find things like school, grade, or subject.

  • Submitted By - Includes facts about the person by whom the data were submitted.

  • Questions - Here you can filter data by the answers to any multiple choice or matrix question on the form.

Combining Filters

Using multiple filters together shows you the intersection of data for which all applied filter conditions are met. This allows you to do some pretty powerful analysis! For example, you might want to:

  • Isolate data about staff at a certain building (Submitted About filter) for whom a particular look-for (Question filter) was observed or not observed

  • Filter down to data about coaching support provided to staff of a certain content area (Submitted About filter) in which the support focused on a specific instructional topic or strategy (Question filter)

The possibilities are almost limitless in interacting with the filters available to you. The filters you apply are specific to your view of the data and will not impact anyone else's experience using KickUp, so please experiment to your heart's content - we promise you can't "break" anything!

Removing Filters

Filters will automatically be removed once you navigate away from the "Data" tab or refresh the page in your browser. You may also click on the "x" next to the value of a specific filter that is applied to remove just that filter while keeping others.

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