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Copying Coaching Logs and Walkthroughs
Copying Coaching Logs and Walkthroughs

Set up coaching logs and walkthroughs more quickly by copying existing instances.

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Note: This feature is only visible for users with specialized permissions: "Manage Coaching Logs" or "Manage Walkthroughs".

You can copy existing coaching logs and walkthroughs to make setting up your data instruments faster.

1. From the Coaching Logs or Walkthroughs main page, find the instance you'd like to copy, click on the three-dot menu and click "Clone". If you're looking for an older instance, don't forget to check your inactive ones!

2. If desired, update the school year of the new instance. This is important if you are copying last year's instances to use again this year.

3. Decide whether you want to copy rosters or not. The form will copy regardless of what you select here.

4. Activate your copied coaching log or walkthrough. Newly copied instances are marked as inactive by default, so once you've made any necessary adjustments be sure to mark the instance as active to let your coaches and observers begin using the data instrument.

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