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Reviewing Submitted Learning Opportunities
Reviewing Submitted Learning Opportunities

Determine which proposed events and courses should be published for other staff members to register for.

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Please note that you need to be granted Manage Events permission by your administrator to have this functionality available. For more information on submitting learning opportunities for approval, see this help article.

As an administrator in your organization, you are able to review events submitted for approval by users with the Submit Events permission. Once you’ve reviewed a submission, you can approve the learning opportunity to make it available to users in your organization.

1. To view a list of submitted learning opportunities, navigate to the Manage > Submitted Learning tab. Here, you’ll see a full list of submitted learning opportunities in your organization, initially filtered to ones that are pending approval.

You will be notified via email when new submissions that require review are submitted and added to this list, as well as when modifications have been made to pending or denied learning opportunities.

2. Click on a submission in this list view to review it. To view more details or make changes to the proposed learning opportunity, click the Edit Submission button, where you’ll see the form as it was submitted.

3. Once you’ve made a decision on whether or not a submission should be approved, you can Approve and Publish or Deny the submission. Taking either of these actions will notify the submitter via email.

If you have feedback on the submission to communicate to the submitter, please reach out to them via email. You can click on their email to copy it to your clipboard.

Previous denials can be reversed by marking a submission as pending.

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