Enabling Coaching Cycles

This article will help you understand how to enable coaching cycles within your coaching instances.

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The coaching module within KickUp allows you to model your organization's coaching framework by adding a set of repeatable steps to your coaching instances.

Enabling Coaching Steps

Enabling coaching steps for an existing log

If you have an existing coaching cycle, navigate to the specific coaching instance you want to add cycles to and select edit.

Enabling coaching cycles for a new log

If you don't currently have a log created, follow the steps below to create a coaching instance and enable cycles.

1. To begin, navigate to the sidebar and select Coaching.

2. Next, you will need to create a coaching instance. Select New Coaching Instance, then name your coaching instance and choose the school year.

3. To enable coaching cycles, navigate to the Cycles tab and select the Enable Cycles checkbox. This will allow you to create steps to your coaching instance.

Enabling Group Coaching Cycles

To enable the ability to have multiple staff participate in a coaching cycle, you will want to enable group coaching cycle. To do this:

  1. Enable coaching cycles by completing the steps above.

  2. Select Enable group coaching on the settings of your instance

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