How to Cancel an Event

Learn how to cancel an event in KickUp Learning

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As an administrator, facilitator, or coordinator of a professional learning event, you may want to cancel an event that has been published. In KickUp, when an event is cancelled, staff will no longer be able to see it in the browse view, register for the event, or get credit for attending.

The ability to cancel events is tied to certain special permissions in KickUp. If you believe you should be able to cancel an event but don't see the option to do so, please contact your KickUp Learning system administrator or use the in-app chat support.

Cancelling an Event

1. Visit the details page for the event you are looking to cancel.

2. Click on the three-dot action menu (below Register).

3. Click Cancel event.

4. Optionally, customize the message that is sent to any users that are registered for the event.

5. Click Yes, cancel event.


  • Will existing registrants get notified of the cancellation? Yes, registrants will receive an email notifying them. An announcement with the same information will also be shown on the event details page (see screenshot below).

  • Will staff see cancelled events? Staff without event management permissions won't see cancelled events anywhere in KickUp. Users with special permissions may see cancelled events in the Opportunities table, the Records table, or other places in KickUp.

  • Can I cancel an event that was scheduled to happen in the past? You may - there are no restrictions on the dates of events that can get cancelled.

  • Can I cancel a self-paced course? No, only events can be cancelled. You may delete a self-paced course.

  • What will happen to any hours or credits already received by staff for the event? Any staff hours or credits associated with the event will get deleted upon cancellation of the event, and will no longer show on staff event logs or transcripts.

  • Why don't I see the option to cancel an event? The ability to cancel an event is tied to the "Manage Attendance” permission or greater for a given event. Please contact your KickUp Learning system administrator if you believe you should be able to cancel an event but don't see the option to do so.

  • How is cancelling an event different from deleting an event? The actions result in similar outcomes, but cancelling an event has numerous benefits including (1) automated notifications being sent to registrants and (2) a record of the cancelled event (including who cancelled and when) remaining visible within KickUp.

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