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Submitting a File with your Out-of-District Request
Submitting a File with your Out-of-District Request

This article explains how to upload an artifact with your submission for approval and confirmation of an out-of-district event request.

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*This article builds on the information in this overview: "How to Submit an Out-of-District Event Request"

Adding Files and Documentation

If you are required by your district to upload files (such as certificates or proof of attendance) as part of the approval or confirmation process, you can upload them on the request page after you have clicked "Submit Request". Click the button marked “Upload Files” and follow the instructions to add one or more files. Once you’ve uploaded a file, it will appear in the activity stream at the bottom of the event page where you and your district administrators are able to view and download any files submitted for that event.

*Note: Your district may have a specific workflow around submission and approval for out-of-district events, so be sure to check the “Instructions” portion on the submission form page or check with your district administrator for any further information.

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