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How to request a sub with Red Rover
How to request a sub with Red Rover

Track your absence and request a substitute when you are out of the classroom for PD.

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If your district uses Red Rover Absence Management to track staff absences, KickUp makes it easy for you to create absences and request substitute coverage when you need to be out of the classroom to attend professional development.

When this integration is enabled for a given learning opportunity, you'll see a Red Rover Absence Management section once you register.

Creating an absence in Red Rover from KickUp

1. To get started, click the Create an absence button.

2. Enter information about your absence: the anticipated duration, whether or not you'll require a substitute, and any notes to your administrator, before clicking Submit request.

3. Receive a confirmation code from Red Rover. At this point, if you have further changes you need to make to the absence or substitute request, you can navigate to the absence in Red Rover.

4. If you have requested a substitute, KickUp will display when a substitute has been

found to fill your vacancy.


  • What if I need to unregister from a learning opportunity when I've created an absence? If you no longer require the absence that you've created, you'll need to cancel the absence within Red Rover. Once you've completed that step, you can unregister from the learning opportunity in KickUp.

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