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How to allow sub requests with Red Rover
How to allow sub requests with Red Rover

Allow teachers to create absences and request a substitute to attend PD.

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If your district uses Red Rover Absence Management to track staff absences, KickUp makes it easy for teachers to create absences and request substitute coverage when they need to be out of the classroom to attend professional development.

This feature needs to be enabled for learning opportunities where teachers should have the option of creating an absence. This article explains how to enable this feature.

If you don't see the options presented in this article, please reach out to your KickUp CSM for us to enable this integration.

Allowing absence creation and sub requests

1. Find the learning opportunity you'd like to enable this setting for and click Edit.

2. Locate the Red Rover Absence Management section, enable the Allow absence request setting, and Save and publish the learning opportunity.

Now that this setting has been enabled, staff will have the option to create an absence in Red Rover from KickUp once they've registered for a learning opportunity.

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