As an evaluator in KickUp, you can use the "Roster" tab to track the progress of your staff members' evaluations and navigate to any parts of the evaluation process for which you are responsible.

View step progress

At the top of this tab, you'll see a table that shows the percentage of staff members whom you've completed each step for.

Note: if you are a Supervisor of other evaluators, you can toggle between "My Roster," "All Rosters," and the rosters of other specific evaluators in the evaluation cycle.

Clicking into a cell of this table will show you detailed information about the completion status a given step in the evaluation cycle. From this view, you can search for staff by name and sort by name or completion status. Clicking on a staff member's name from this view will take you straight to that staff's evaluation page, where you can see step activity or take actions for that staff's evaluation.

View the list of staff members whom you evaluate

Below the step progress table, you'll see the list of staff members who are on your roster for this evaluation cycle ("All").

By toggling to "Evaluated by me," you can filter this list down to people for whom you have at least one step assigned.

Note: If you are a Supervisor of other evaluators, when you select that evaluator's roster above the step progress table you can toggle between "All" staff and those whom have a step assigned to a given evaluator ("Evaluated by __").

Claiming or assigning steps in bulk

Using the three-dot action menu next to the name of each staff member on the roster, you can quickly claim or assign their evaluation steps in bulk to help you plan their evaluation in advance. Simply click "Assign steps," then check the boxes for the steps that you would like to claim for yourself or assign to another evaluator. Note that some steps are assigned to the staff member themselves and cannot be claimed or assigned to an evaluator.

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