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Evaluator Workflows: Using KickUp Evaluations
Introduction to KickUp Evaluations for Evaluators
Introduction to KickUp Evaluations for Evaluators

Get started as an evaluator in KickUp.

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KickUp's "Evaluations" system is a place where you can easily view and complete all steps related to evaluation for all staff who you evaluate or appraise. Read on to learn more or use the links below to jump to a specific topic.

As an Evaluator in KickUp, your core actions may include:

1. Accessing your Evaluation Cycles:

On your home page, you will see a few of the evaluation cycles for which you are an evaluator or appraiser listed out. If the evaluation cycle you are looking for is not listed here, you can click "View all" to see a full list. You can also navigate to your evaluations from anywhere in the app using the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

2. Scanning your "Roster" to Monitor Actions Due:

Rosters are the lists of staff members that have been assigned to a particular evaluator. Rosters can be dynamic so that as educators and other professionals move between buildings and roles, they can be easily synced to a new roster. Progress bars show upcoming, complete and overdue actions at a glance for each staff member on your roster. Read more about the roster tab here.

3. Completing a "Step": (e.g. a Walkthrough, a Meeting)

The basic building blocks of an evaluation cycle are the "steps" that have been set up to represent each action that needs to be completed within that evaluation cycle. Steps might include a form or might simply represent a meeting that needs to take place. Steps help keep track of what has already happened in the cycle and what else still needs to be completed. Read more details about steps here.

Step completion is supported by smart email notifications to remind you and your staff members about actions that have been complete, are upcoming and are overdue. Read more about email notifications in Evaluations.

4. Adding your Signature to a Step:

Some steps may require a signature from the staff member, evaluator, or both. Read more about adding signatures to a step.

You may additionally add artifacts (e.g. an image, lesson plan, notes, etc.) by clicking on the arrow to the right of any step and then clicking on the "Add Artifacts" button.

5. Sharing an Evaluation Score:

Your organization may choose to have scores share with staff members only after they have been reviewed and approved by an evaluator. To approve and share a staff member's evaluation score, visit the "Roster" tab, then click the name of a staff member to open their Evaluation cycle page. At the top of the page, you will see the list of scores available for approval.

If a rubric was included with the evaluation, you’ll see an arrow icon to the right of the score which opens the complete rubric criteria. A checkmark appears next to the level that the staff member's score corresponds to.

Click the "Share with staff member" button to share that score with the staff member. Once you do so, the staff member will be notified via email that their score is ready for review.

6. Viewing and Analyzing Data:

You have several ways to examine data submitted by you, other evaluators evaluating your staff, or the staff members you evaluate. Visit the "Data" tab to view a dedicated data dashboard that shows you all of the data collected so far in an evaluation cycle for the staff on your roster.

You will be able to view a summary table that displays, in an easily exportable format, the results of each staff member's evaluation.

Additionally, each form in that cycle will have a dedicated report page where evaluators are able to view aggregated data and to compare data points from discrete responses.

For reference, individual staff members will see a simpler version of the data you see. Read more about the staff experience here.

Where to Go for Technical Support:

If you need technical support related to utilizing the KickUp system, you can reach KickUp's support team by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page, any time you're logged into KickUp.

You can also contact KickUp's support team with any questions or challenges related to KickUp's technology platform via email at

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