The list of Coaches and Observers on a coaching or walkthrough instance, respectively, is how KickUp designates which users are able to submit coaching or walkthrough data. A coach or observer's roster determines which staff members that coach or observer can submit coaching or walkthrough about. A coach or observer have a roster made up of staff members that have been added to their list of whom they have access to. All of this functionality work exactly the same in the Coaching and Walkthroughs modules.

Roster Management Settings

The way that rosters are managed depends on the roster management settings used in the instance. Here is a detailed explanation of each of the roster management setting options. If you are unsure which option to use, please ask your Client Success Manager.

  • Use access settings: This is the default. Coaches and observers will simply see the list of staff that admins have selected for their access list (they will not have the ability to manage rosters)

  • Managed by coaches/observers: This setting will allow both coaches and leads to add to or change a coach's roster using the pre-selected list of staff to whom they have access. This may be the right setting to use if you want coaches or mentors themselves to indicate whom they are working with

  • Managed by leads: Only those indicated as Leads of a coach or observer (in addition to admins with the Manage permission for the instance) will be able to edit a coach's roster using the pre-selected list of staff to whom each coach has access. Read more about the concept of Leads here

To edit an instance's roster management settings:

  1. Click the three dot menu next to the Coaching or Walkthrough instance and click Edit to access the edit view of the instance.

  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.

  3. To change which roster management setting is used, use the dropdown under Roster management.

Managing Rosters

The exact implications of adding people to a coach or observer's access list depends on which roster management setting is selected for the instance.

  • If "Use access settings" is selected, the coach or observer will simply see all of the users on their access list on their roster automatically, and will immediately be able to log submissions about them

  • If "Managed by leads" is selected, then leads will be able to add users from a given coach or observer's access list to that coach or observer's roster (for themselves and for the coaches or observers they oversee). This article explains how Leads can manage rosters when this setting is in use, and this article explains how to add and manage leads as a system administrators

  • If "Managed by coaches" or "Managed by observers" is selected, then coaches will be able to add users from to their own access list to their own rosters. This article explains how coaches or observers can manage their own rosters when this setting is in use

Leads adding Coaching or Observers

If you want to give leads the ability to add coaches or observers to the instance β€” in addition to assigning their rosters β€” ensure the Allow leads to add coaches option is enabled.

Additional Information

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