Overview of Group coaching cycles

This article is an overview of group coaching cycle functionality in KickUp

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The coaching module within KickUp allows you to model your organization's coaching cycle framework by adding a set of repeatable steps to your coaching instances.

Before you can interact with group coaching cycles, you must enable that feature within KickUp. Visit this article for instructions on how to enable Coaching Cycles.

Group coaching cycles allow you to:

Create a coaching group within KickUp

You may want to create a coaching group within KickUp to easily track coaching progress with a group of staff members that you meet with on a regular cadence, such as PLCs or a group of staff participating in a coaching cycle.

To create a coaching group, navigate to the groups tab in the coaching module instance.

Select create coaching group. From there, name the group and select the staff members you would like to participate in the coaching group. Select Create coaching group at the bottom right once you’ve selected the coaching staff members you would like to participate in the group coaching cycle.

Edit a group

Editing a coaching group offers you the flexibility to adjust its membership, rename it, or archive it. To make these changes, navigate to your group roster view, locate the specific coaching group you wish to edit, and select the action menu located next to the group.

From here, select "Edit Coaching Group" to access the editing modal.

Within the modal, you can:

  • Modify group members.

  • Change the group's name.

  • Archive the group.

After making your desired adjustments, select update coaching group to save your changes.

Please note that you cannot modify group membership while a cycle is currently in progress. If you need to make changes to the group's membership during an active cycle, you must first close the cycle. Once the cycle is closed, you can proceed to edit the group membership as needed.

Start a group coaching cycle

Starting a group coaching cycle will allow you to have multiple staff members participating in a coaching cycle.

To start a group coaching cycle, select the group from the group roster tab. Select Start cycle.

Complete steps within a group coaching cycle

Steps are milestones within a coaching cycle. Each step represents a different milestone that must be completed in sequential order in order to complete a coaching cycle.

To complete a step on a coaching cycle, select the form beside the step you would like to complete. Once the form is submitted, the coaching cycle step will move to complete.

Remove a staff member from a group coaching cycle

There may be instances in which a staff member has to be removed from a coaching cycle. To remove a staff member from the cycle, select the group from the group roster.

To the right side of the page, select the three-dot action menu and select Remove from cycle for the staff member you would like to remove. This person can be re-added to the cycle, if needed.

Close coaching cycle

To close a coaching cycle, select the group for which you would like to close the cycle. Select the three-dot action item to the right side and select Close cycle. Select Yes, close on the confirmation modal to officially close the cycle.

Viewing and exporting Data

To view data from your coaching cycles, navigate to the Data tab on your coaching instance. From here you can group, filter, and export data.

If you would like to view individual staff members answers to a specific question from the Data view, select View all beside the question you would like to view.

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