Setting Up Evaluator Access

How to set up Evaluators and manage data access

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Note: The actions shown below are only available to users with the "Manage Evaluations" permission.

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Setting up Evaluators

To provide evaluators with access to evaluate a particular group of educators, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Evaluations Page, and edit the appropriate Evaluation Cycle.

2. Under Evaluators, Click "Add."

3. Search for the evaluator you'd like to add, and click "Edit Access Settings."

4. Choose how you'd like to set up access:

  • Dynamically (recommended): Add all staff associated with a particular system attribute already known from your information system of record (e.g. Campus, Role, etc.)

  • Manually: Add staff individually

You have now set up an evaluator's "roster" - or the list of educators about whom they may complete an evaluation step.

Dynamic Rosters

When you set up an evaluator's access based on a system attribute attribute (e.g. "Campus"), rosters will automatically adjust as changes occur to users attributes. For instance, if a new teacher is added with the school "Valley View Elementary," they will automatically be placed on the roster of any evaluator who is designated to evaluate teachers at that school.

If you designate an evaluator to see all educators at a particular campus, you can always choose to additionally add a staff member manually.

Note that this roster automation does not include the automated set up of new evaluators. To ensure new evaluators have a roster set up, follow the steps in the section above.

Data Access

Within an evaluation cycle, an evaluator will automatically have access to see all data submitted about any educators who are listed on their roster. For instance, if a teacher is on the roster of both a campus principal and assistant principal, both leaders will see data about that teacher for that evaluation cycle. Steps may be completed or assigned to any evaluator with access to evaluate a particular educator. See more about step assignment here: Claiming and assigning steps

Additionally, you may choose to grant "Supervisor" access. Supervisors may view data and actions taken by any evaluators they supervise.

Simply click on the on the "Role" dropdown next to the evaluator's name, Select "Supervisor," and then click "Edit Evaluators" to designate the individuals they supervise.

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