How to create an Evaluation Cycle

Learn how to create and configure a new Evaluation Cycle

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If you are looking to Edit an existing Evaluation Cycle, click here.

KickUp's "Evaluations" system is a place where you can easily view and complete all steps related to evaluation for all staff who you evaluate or appraise.

A "cycle" is a set of "steps" that evaluators will complete for a specific type of staff member. For example, some districts have different evaluation cycles for Certified Teachers vs. Classified Staff.

A "step" is the building block of an evaluation cycle and represent each action that needs to be completed within that evaluation cycle. Steps might include a form or a meeting that needs to take place. For an overview of Steps, click here.

Creating an Evaluation Cycle

To start, create a new evaluation instance. Only users with Manage Evaluations permission in the KickUp directory will have this ability. Navigate to the Evaluations page and click New Evaluation:

Next, name your new evaluation cycle in a way that aligns to the staff who will be evaluated in this cycle and assign the cycle to a school year:

Then, you will land on that cycle's "Edit" page, where you can complete the following actions:

Note: You can access this Edit page again by navigating to the Evaluations page, clicking the three-dot menu, and "Edit":

For more details about how to create steps in a cycle, navigate to this help guide.

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