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How to View your Schedule within a Collection
How to View your Schedule within a Collection

See and print the list of learning opportunities you've registered for in a collection.

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Collections help organize related learning opportunities in KickUp. This article explains how you can see the learning opportunities in a collection for which you are already registered. Read on or jump to a specific section:

Find your schedule

On any collection's details page there are two tabs - All opportunities and My schedule. The All opportunities tab is where you can see all included learning opportunities and register for ones that are relevant to you. To see your schedule of already-registered opportunities, click the My schedule tab.

Upcoming learning opportunities

By default, you’ll first see only upcoming learning opportunities in the collection. This view includes events with a future start date and time, and self-paced courses for which you haven’t yet confirmed your attendance. Only key information about a learning opportunity, like its name, location, date, time, and facilitators are shown in this view. To see more detailed information about a particular learning opportunity, click on it to open a modal.

Past learning opportunities

To switch your view to past learning opportunities, click the Upcoming opportunities dropdown, then select Past opportunities.

Past learning opportunities in a collection include events with a start date and time that's before the current moment, and self-paced courses for which you have already confirmed your attendance. Only the name, date, and time of past learning opportunities are shown in this view. For more detailed information about a particular learning opportunity, click on it to open a modal.

The past opportunities view displays your Attendance status: The Attendance column displays a green Confirmed badge when your attendance for a learning opportunity is confirmed.

The past opportunities view also displays information about your feedback status for a learning opportunity in the Feedback column. If your feedback is still expected, you’ll see a Give feedback button. When your feedback has been received, a gray Submitted badge will appear.

Search and filter learning opportunities

You can search for learning opportunities by their name, or by the name or email address of facilitators. Note that this is more narrow than the learning opportunity search in other parts of KickUp Learning (i.e., the location, description, and tags will not be checked for matches against your search term).

You can filter learning opportunities in two ways:

  1. By type of learning opportunity - event or self-paced course. To filter your schedule in this way, click the Learning type filter, then select the type of learning opportunity you want to see

  2. By the date of events. To see events in a particular date range, click the Date filter and then enter inputs for the start and end of your desired date range.

To clear a filter, click the x to the right of the applied filter value.

Print your Schedule

Click the Print button to open a printable view of your schedule in the web browser. This printable view will open in a new tab in your browser, and a print dialog will automatically open.

From the print dialog that opens, you can select a specific printer, or choose the "Save to PDF" option to save the printable view to your device as a PDF. From the print dialog, you can also adjust margins, pagination, or other printer settings.

The specific information and set of learning opportunities shown in this printable view depends on whether you opened the print view for upcoming or past opportunities, as well as on the set of filters applied prior to opening the view.

The information in this print view, like in the default view within KickUp Learning, will update automatically in real time if you keep the page open in your browser.

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