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Overview of Event Email Notifications
Overview of Event Email Notifications

Below is an overview of the event-related email notifications that are triggered by various actions taken in the KickUp system.

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1. Event Registration Confirmation

This notification will be sent automatically in the following instances: 

  • When a user registers him/herself for an event; OR

  • When a user is registered for an event by an event manager AND the event manager opts to send a notification. See below for additional details.

Email Subject Line: You're Registered for [Event Name] with [Name of District/Organization]

TIP: Admins with permission to manage events can trigger this confirmation notification once they've registered attendees for an event by visiting an event page, scrolling to the table of registrants, and clicking "Review and Send."

2. Upcoming Event Reminder Email

This notification will go out automatically when a user is registered for an event scheduled for the following day as a friendly reminder. This email goes out the day before an event is scheduled at 6:30 am EST, 5:30am CST, and 3:30 am PT 

**This feature can be enabled/disabled across your organization**

Email Subject Line: Reminder: You are registered for [Name of District/Organization} event on [Date]

3. Event Follow-Up Email

Users will receive this email automatically at the end-time of the event they were registered for so that they can easily confirm their attendance and/or submit feedback, if they haven't already.

IF users do not confirm their attendance or complete their feedback, KickUp will automatically send a friendly reminder 1 day and 1 week after the event. This notification only goes out if confirmation or feedback is incomplete.

Email Subject line: Following Up on [Event Name] with [Name of District/Organization} 

4. Announcements

A facilitator may choose to directly email all registrants of an event by posting an announcement. Read more about announcements here.

5. Cancelled / Modified Events

Currently there are no automated email notifications triggered when events are cancelled or modified. The current suggested workflow to accomplish this is to write an announcement before archiving the event or closing the registration window.

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