Introduction to KickUp Evaluations for Staff

Get started with completing your evaluations in KickUp.

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KickUp's "Evaluations" system is a place where you can easily view and complete all steps related to your evaluation or appraisal.

The actions you can take to complete your evaluation include:

1. Accessing your Evaluation(s):

On the home page, you will see your evaluation cycles listed out. If the evaluation cycle you are looking for is not listed here, you can click "View all" to see a full list. You can also navigate to your evaluations from anywhere in the app using the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

If you've navigated to the full list of evaluations, click on the evaluation cycle you'd like to access (it is likely you will only see one).

2. Completing a "Step": (e.g. Goal Setting)

The basic building blocks of an evaluation cycle are the "steps" that have been set up to represent each action that needs to be completed within that evaluation cycle by a given due date. Steps might include your professional goal setting or your mid-year reflection.

When a step is assigned to you, you will see a blue button to call out the action you need to take. Read more about steps.

Step completion is supported by smart email notifications to remind you and your evaluator(s) about actions that have been complete, are upcoming and are overdue. Read more about email notifications in Evaluations.

3. Viewing your Data:

Once you and/or your evaluator has completed a step for your evaluation, you and your evaluator will receive an email alert, and all of that information will show up on this same main steps page. You'll be able to reference any professional growth goals you set at the top of the page or view Walkthrough feedback or other information submitted by simply clicking on "View Response" next to a step.

You may additionally add artifacts (e.g. an image, lesson plan, notes, etc.) by clicking on the arrow to the right of the "View Response" button and then clicking on the "Add Artifacts" button.

4. Adding your Signature to a Step:

Some steps may require a signature from the staff member, evaluator, or both in order to move to the "Completed" status. When this is the case, you will see an "Add Signature" button next to a step. Read more about adding signatures to a step.

Where to Go for Technical Support:

If you need technical support related to utilizing the KickUp system, you can reach KickUp's support team by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page, any time you're logged into KickUp.

You can also contact KickUp's support team with any questions or challenges related to KickUp's technology platform via email at Please note: for questions about to the content or expectations related to your evaluations, you'll want to reach out to your supervisor or evaluator directly.

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