To create a new walkthrough, Click Menu - Walkthroughs and click the Create Walkthrough button in the top right corner of the walkthroughs list view.

Clicking this will take you to the edit screen for your new walkthrough. Before adding observers and filling out their rosters, you will need to add a name for your new walkthrough. 

Sharing Settings

Depending on how you want share data with users in your organization, you can choose to explicitly show or hide responses from a Walkthrough on a user's history page which serves as a hub of data about that user. Select "No" if you'd like to not allow users to see the Walkthrough data that's submitted about them. Leave the default "Yes" if you are hoping for individuals to see Walkthroughs submitted about them when they log into KickUp. This setting is easily reversible, so responses can be hidden and then shown again by toggling it. 

"Share Walkthrough via email" is a setting you can use to activate an email alert for this Walkthrough instance. If you select "Yes," an email will be sent to the person observed each time an observer completes a Walkthrough about them. The email will contain a basic summary of all information gathered in the Walkthrough form and is not customizable. Note that email alerts will not be sent if submissions are edited. 

If you are conducting only anonymous Walkthroughs, it does not matter which option you choose for either of 

After setting the name and visibility, you will be ready to: 

  • Add observers and edit their rosters. You can learn more about observers and rosters here.
  • Set up or edit the form used for this Walkthrough. Learn more here

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