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Configuring Settings for Walkthroughs & Coaching Logs
Configuring Settings for Walkthroughs & Coaching Logs

Adjust sharing settings, email alerts and other settings

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Please note: You must have special permission to "Manage Walkthroughs" or "Manage Coaching Logs" in order to see this functionality.

Once you've built a Coaching Log or Walkthrough tool, you will want to review and adjust the default settings, based on your needs. You can adjust these settings any time from the "edit" view of a given Walkthrough or Coaching Log.

The settings you'll want to consider fit into three categories:

  • "Roster management" settings - or, who is able to complete this form about whom

  • "Form/Group" settings - whether you want to enable group submissions

  • "Sharing" settings - whether you want to share the form information submitted with the person about whom it is submitted (e.g. the teacher being coached)

  • "Anonymous" settings - whether you want to enable specific demographic questions that users are prompted to answer when completing an anonymous submission

Form/Group Settings:

  • Enable Group Submissions: Setting this to Yes will allow coaches or observers to submit coaching logs or walkthroughs about multiple staff members at once. This is generally helpful when using a Coaching log instance to track support for PLCs or groups support. Read more about this functionality here.


  • Share on Profile Page: Depending on how you want share data with users in your organization, you can choose to explicitly show or hide responses from a Walkthrough or Coaching Log on a staff member's profile page, which serves as a hub of data about that staff member.

    • Select No if you'd like to hide data from this Walkthrough or Coaching Log from the profile pages of staff whom submissions are about.

    • Leave the default Yes if you want to include data from this instance on profile pages.

    • Note that this will allow individuals with KickUp logins to see Walkthroughs or Logs submitted about them when they log into KickUp.

    • This setting can be easily modified after data are collected, so responses from the instance can be hidden and then shown again by toggling it.

  • Share with Staff Member via Email: Use this setting to activate (set to Yes) or disable (set to No) email alerts being sent to the staff members about whom submissions are logged for the specific Walkthrough or Coaching Log instance.

    • If you select "Yes," an email will be sent to the person each time an observer or coach completes a Walkthrough or Log about them

    • Emails will come from and will contain a basic summary of all information logged in the Walkthrough or Coaching Log form submission (questions left blank as well as rich text fields will be excluded)

    • Responses to specified questions for the instance can be configured to be excluded from this email - please ask your Client Success Manager if you would like to utilize this functionality.

    • Aside from excluding certain questions, the notification email's contents are not configurable or customizable.

    • Email alerts are not sent when submissions are edited.

Anonymous Settings:

  • Use this tab to specify the types of attributes that coaches or observers will be prompted to select about staff member(s) when logging anonymous submissions. For more information, view this overview of anonymous submissions.

Access & Rosters:

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