Creating a new walkthrough or coaching log

1. From the Menu bar, navigate to the module in which you are looking to create a new instance (Walkthroughs or Coaching Logs)

2. Click the "New Walkthrough" or "New Coaching Log/Instance" button in the top right corner of the walkthroughs/logs list view. Clicking this will open a modal for your new walkthrough or coaching log.

3. Give your new walkthrough or coaching log a name

4. Optionally, associate a school year to help with sorting and characterizing instances across years. If you do not see a school year, contact your Client Success Manager,, or use the in-app chat support

5. Click "Create"

6. New logs are set to "Active" by default. Set the Status to Inactive until you are ready for coaches or observers to begin logging data, since it will be available to all coaches/observers added to the instance as soon as it is set to Active.

Once you have created the Walkthrough or Coaching Log, you may be ready to:

Set-Up Tutorial Video

See below for a tutorial on the set-up process:

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