Creating a new walkthrough or coaching log

  1. From the Menu bar, navigate to the module in which you are looking to create a new instance (Walkthroughs or Coaching Logs)

  2. Click the blue "New Walkthrough" or "New Coaching Log" button in the top right corner of the walkthroughs/logs list view. Clicking this will open a modal for your new walkthrough or coaching log.

From here,

  • Give your new walkthrough or coaching log a name

  • Optionally, associate a school year (to help with sorting and characterizing instances across years). If you do not see a school year, contact your Client Success Manager or use the chat support

  • Click "Create"

Basic Settings for Walkthroughs and Coaching Logs

Status: New logs are set to "Active" by default. Setting a log to "Inactive" will disallow coaches or observers from editing past submissions or submitting new ones (read more on deactivating here).

Share on History Page: Depending on how you want share data with users in your organization, you can choose to explicitly show or hide responses from a Walkthrough or Coaching Log on a staff member's history page - which serves as a hub of data about that staff member. Select "No" if you'd like to hide data from this Walkthrough or Coaching Log from the history pages of staff whom submissions are about. Leave the default "Yes" if you want to include data from this instance on history pages. Note that this will allow individuals with KickUp logins to see Walkthroughs or Logs submitted about them when they log into KickUp. This setting is easily reversible, so responses can be hidden and then shown again by toggling it. 

Share with Staff Member via Email: Use this setting to activate or disable email alerts for being sent to the staff members about whom submissions are logged for the specific Walkthrough or Coaching Log instance.

  • If you select "Yes," an email will be sent to the person each time an observer or coach completes a Walkthrough or Log about them

  • Emails will come from and will contain a basic summary of all information logged in the Walkthrough or Coaching Log form submission (blank questions or rich text fields won't be included)

  • Responses to specified questions may be excluded from this email - please ask your Client Success Manager if you would like to utilize this functionality

  • Aside from excluding questions, the notification email's contents are not customizable

  • Email alerts will not be sent when submissions are edited

Configuring Rosters, Forms, and Anonymous Settings

Now that you have set up the basic settings for the Walkthrough or Coaching Log, you are ready to: 

Set-Up Tutorial Video

See below for a tutorial on the set-up process:

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