Managing Staff Members in a Track

Learn how to manage staff members in a Track

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Adding staff members to a track enables you to gauge their progress on the track. Staff members can be added to a track in a number of ways, which are explained in this article. How to Set up a new Track walks through the entire set-up process. Read on, or jump to an article section:

Where to begin adding staff members

First, navigate to Manage--> Tracks. Then, click the three-dot menu next to the Track and click "Edit."

Scroll down to the table and click the blue "Add" button. You can either search for the staff member(s) you'd like to add or paste in staff email addresses. Click the bar to toggle between these two modes of adding staff.

Adding by Search

When you have Search KickUp toggled, you can search KickUp to add staff by:

  • Individual: Search by the name or email address of a staff member

  • Group: Search for the name of a group from KickUp's Directory

  • Attribute: Search for a piece of demographic information about a staff member, like their building, role, or grade level

Once you see the name of the person, group, or attribute you'd like to add to the track, click it to add it to the track.

Click View Members to open a modal that shows the list of people currently associated with a Group or Attribute value.

Using Groups or Attributes

Groups and Attributes are concepts in KickUp that are most often derived from the HR information system from which KickUp gets information on an ongoing basis. As a reminder:

  • Groups can be derived from the staff demographic data, but can also be created directly in the Directory. Only staff with Manage Users permission can create a custom group.

  • Attributes are derived from staff demographic data and cannot be created in the Directory

Importantly, using groups or attributes to add staff members to a track means that the staff on the track stay up-to-date with the membership of the group or attribute (this is analogous to how dynamic rostering works in KickUp Growth, Coaching, and Walks). For example, if a group or attribute called "Douglass HS" is on a track and staff members are later added to this group or attribute via a HR information sync or through the KickUp Directory, new group members will automatically be on the track through their association with this group; the same is true of staff having a certain attribute. Conversely, if staff members leave the group or no longer have an attribute value, they will be removed from the track.

Consult with your Client Success Manager if you have questions about the management of staff attributes, or if you are unsure about which option to use for a track.

Adding by pasting emails

When you have Paste email list toggled, you can add staff to the track by pasting a list of email addresses from your device's clipboard. Emails can be separated by commas or new lines. You may also type in additional emails, then type enter.

Click the x to remove invalid or valid email addresses. You must remove invalid email addresses before you can add staff to the track.

Once you're ready, click Add staff. View the confirmation of staff that have been added.

If any email addresses were not associated with KickUp account, you receive a warning message. From this warning, click the copy icon to copy the list of email addresses that were unsuccessfully added to the track. Click the down carrot to view the list of email addresses not added.

Removing Staff members from a track

From either the Add staff members modal or from the Staff members tab, click the trash icon to remove a person, group or attribute from the track.

Removing staff from a track will not change their user access, attendance status, or do anything else aside from removing them from the list of staff on the track.

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